Monday, August 31, 2015


This bit about foreknowledge is, of course, difficult to explain. It is veiled from you and yet so very much a part of you. In humankind, we are awaiting a day when we shall with our technology see all things before us and behind us.

And that will be a day of great awakening, to be above to mark and understand each and every once of these things. Some might say this would be in essence catching up with the knowledge of God. But I say, it is not so; for to hold the great and terrible knowledge of God, as we have subjected it so, is to hold all in essence, fore essence, and not only know it well, but expend it throughout the universes in such a way that it pares out and throughout.

Only this can be accomplished through all the working parts. And you are, in your current time frame, a part of the working parts. But the whole, you see, is now both reachable and unreachable. You can know of it, understand it even, but you remain separated in this essence of your calling, your falling, to this earth plane.

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Integrity of mind and forethought, the happenstance of all things made first in the mind only, as it wells up within you, is the precipice of all things concerned.

And in your knowing, you are known.

As it happens, you will see, all foreknowledge and making of events is already within you, each of you, but their discounting of is great. We do not acknowledge that, and on the outset that, such an event could occur. For we believe they are happening before us rather than after us.

And afterward, we say, I should have seen that coming. Now, I will say this to you, and all of you, you have seen it coming, and more than once. For life gives to us thrice making of all things. We bear them up not once, not twice, but thrice. And it is so.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Another Innocence

If not in a little while you shall understand the nature of full containment of innocence, its value, that it may permeate all that you say and do. It is not for the possibility of change in the nature of this world I have spoken for innocence; it is for the nature of mankind, I have suggested that, regardless of your mistakes, it remains and is reborn still yet, again and again.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Forward Focus

So I will declare and define innocence, so that you may know that it is not as lost as you think it.

Innocence is all that a soul can find in its grace for living; it is the power to smile forward-looking and say, this is going to be a truly beautiful day, or I look forward to that. It is beguiled only by the construct of its desires. If it desires wholeness, health, happiness, joy, peace and harmony, it remains innocence. If it looks for anything more, it is as beguiled as its beguiler.

And so therewith, you have the call of innocence. Its fronds and pieces about you are scattered far and wide. It tarries not after you; it follows you swiftly whether you may go in pursuit of the aforesaid, aforementioned virtues. For it is, and always will, remain in virtuous thought and mind. It spreads its innocence and gives itself to forward-looking in spite of bad company it may meet. It is contagious, and of such a nature that the very air we breathe contains its value and virtue.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


To meet with such power, the ability to stand outside one's self and all that one has manufactured, to comment thereupon from a state of innocence, is fast something we would admittedly request for ourselves, such a state that cannot become.

And yet I say to you, it becomes all around us, it is the very nature of this world, however blinded to it we may seem. It is our birthright just as sure as any other. We have beheld such innocence in babies of all kinds, in ourselves at times, and we have watched its beauty fade, its essence wilt to the throng of, the tide of the masses declaring its loss.

So I will declare and define innocence, so that you may know that it is not as lost as you think it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


The line between manufacture and observation is very thin, as you well realize by now—for indeed manufacture is the operative, global term while observation is the placative, while-for-innocence term.

For in one sense we somehow maintain our innocence in multiple situations if we believe we did not participate, but only observed.

The observer in you as a nonparticipant is at the crux of something very catalytic in making the manufactured observed. My point: to observe, you must manufacture, and to manufacture, you must observe.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


To observe from the I Am consciousness, one must extract his or her very nature out of the set at hand. You are no longer you, nor your name, nor your shoe size. You are no longer in this body, in this plane, in this time or space. To truly observe as the I Am, the tranquil one, you stand outside all sets looking on.

The events, the subsets of life you watch, you then watch, no longer contain you. For you wait just outside what is observed.

How can we see without eyes or think without mind? Is there indeed, such a state of consciousness to be held? Has any one of us approached this observation, ever?

Monday, August 24, 2015


Consolation is that innocence is never completely lost. Indeed though you may fear it has long gone in your own life, for in many ways your knowledge has tempered it and challenged it, so therefore you must know, and believe that, this innocence will be spared and shared throughout in another time frame, one of your own outworking, on of your own making.

I speak of innocence this session because it is a component, and part of the framework for joy, for finding joy and maintaining joy. It is tempered of sorts in your nature to undo everything as readily as you toil to make things substantiate and qualify in your existence.

For you are meting out your joy, your innocence round about and at the same time tearing it down when frustration strikes. And this plane is filled with frustrations, dukkha, suffering, as you already are aware. The mind manufactures them as astutely as it observes them.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fair Trade

Innocence begins in trade, and fair trade, with recognition of fact in circumstance and circumstance in fact. In one and without the other, you see, is more of the same in its intent. For to be innocent, one must find in him or herself the nature of vowing forward, ablating forward, moving oneself in such a way unknowingly and unwittingly forward without aforementioned knowledge of fact.

Though it sounds like a movement of stumbling forward in one's ignorance, it is not.

It shines forward all that is and will be in one sentence. It is of foremost integrity and aforementioned knowledge wrapped into one action. Children, on the outset of their lives, before they are tempered and distempered by the adults surrounding them, their caregivers, and such, children do this with utmost prudence, this making of innocence. And so also, younger animals, while they still engage in play as prey, or play at war.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Joy in Creases

So joy, as you receive it now, is wrapped in many layers of thought, expectation, adaptation, and so on. It finds itself in the creases of your lives. Sometimes these creases are very tiny, fast pushed out by the terrors of living itself.

And so joy, in your framework in the here and now, as it is passing by you in this time frame we call existence, earthbound existence, in the year of our Lord, you fill in the date, is a joy that in yesteryear you did not experience as the same, the joy you laugh out loud for now is not the same laughter you experienced as a baby, you see.

For in the yesteryear when say, you were a youth, the joy was meted out by the knowledge and concerns of youth, meted out and about.

And in the joys of an eighty year old, it is meted out and about the thoughts and desires and wishes of the mind and body for that framework.

I am pointing to joy in its essence of tide, of time, and how time plants frameworks around it while you walk this plane.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Joy in Time

The joy in the finding thereof is the finding, not the joy. So difficult a measure for one to comprehend, and yet, in the other sense, it is impeccable in its receiving thereof. 

For in joy, in time, the joy that you find wrapped in time frames as in this earth, this joy is transmuted out of another joy, the one that has existed long before time was made.

For your see, there was time before time, as it is not understood by you now, ticking away the seconds and hours and days and years and millenniums. Before this clock time, before this psychological time, we were in a time immortal in its ways, in its findings, in its essence.

And from this time, which was simply a framework device for receiving and giving, was a translation and transmutation of yourselves on a “daily” basis, or in a routine framework outside of what you now understand as routine.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

On Final Approach

Fret not when you long to understand the pieces and components of yourselves. Just know that they are out there and in here. They are all around, for your resources are not disunified in their final approach. I speak of this as if in flight, to help you understand that, as we look down we see this and hold it true all the days of your lives.

On final approach, we come to you saying that although life and lives have seemingly strung you along with each to its own difficulty, you are narrowing in to understand the final destination of all that is to come. It is yours as it is ours. It is a resting place full of grace and mercy. And it is determined by the many paths you will take.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Disunity Within Unity

In the beginning, we would have experienced them all together as one, before the changes. And yet, even in the appearance of separation, we maintained a unity that, at times here, you cannot see. You long to see it, but appears it is not so.

And if you step back far enough, you will see that it, however, is so. It always has been and always will be.

So even in the separated contingencies of this world, and another, and another, it is unified in its final approach. And in its final sight, it remains one.

The features of disunity and disharmony that you observe so astutely cannot be overlooked, this is true. And they should not be overlooked.

For they are every bit as integral to the whole, the unity that contains the disunity within. And so, as I have, if you could but see the one, the we, the whole that contains all the unity, disharmony, and death, you would realize that all indeed is well, and remains well.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Your memory thereof of other lives, universes, is in one essence wiped clean, so that you may rejoin a new life experience with no clutter from the previous. Some souls deconcoct themselves completely, while others have faint or very strong memories still intact.

The reason for the memory erasure is obvious, on the one hand, that you not be able to extract any other viewpoints than the ones you are currently making, in your own mind, your own time. 

However, I will remark that you are not entirely up to this. Because within you is the databank of all lives, memories, concurrent ones even, that walk and exist. So for you to step outside of your self, your life form as it exists here and now, you may see or experience some of these other viewpoints, as you have in your dreams. 

But I will say that dreams are only one way of bearing out these other realities, these other selves.

Monday, August 17, 2015


For time bends and follows its own tag line in each of these multiverses in your head.

For that is where they must first exist, in your mind, deep within the resources you have mastered over the centuries to understand them. For you are much older than you suspect.

By age, and with age, as determined by earth years, or by other measurements of time therewith, you are much longer and broader than your time spent over twenty, thirty, or forty years.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

List of Selves

You see it as thus: it is the real me, really in this place, which never was and never will be. And so you awaken, and call it a dream.

But I will tell you now, these dreams are of greater import than you sometimes deem them to be. For they speak of a list of selves belonging to you and their probable realities and probable pasts and futures.

It is important that you meld yourselves at certain points in your lives.

By this melding you will gain greater insight concerning all worlds and grasp what they present to you in their fashions after their histories of time, their individual realities of time, which may not, in essence follow the exact course of your time.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Strange Dreams

However, the difference I offer away from the anum is thus: if you retreat, as you retreat further within than without, you will see something else afoot. Within the deep folds of your being, your origin, are years unaccounted for. These years of focus are heralded in succession out of another world, in another plane, in another reality.

This parallel existence is forthwith all that you have dreamed about, in your nightly dreams. Canter one over the other, and you can easily paint a picture of your lifetimes elsewhere. And yet, they are all you. They each make yourselves you, in each of your separate existences.

You are not aware exquisitely of the others, while yet, you are. You dream dreams and recognize them for what they might be, even if the understanding is not yet fashioned in your thoughts. You only know that, following one of this these strange dreams, you recognize that it is you, living almost as you had somewhere in your past or probable future, and yet, it is not you or your past or your most probable future.