Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Reckless endangerment is of note because it is a persistent societal norm, of such social structure to be found out again and again, and in its many forms, it speaks to the face of fear. It communicates with the thrill of fear, and fear communicates with the satisfaction of thrill.

It is another of the faces of the ego and its fear-based systemology for your societies to wrangle with for some time now, and again, in the near future, with many of its products, functions, liaisons, and so forth. Reckless endangerment is not too far from each of you lately, in that it infuses your society with its much needed, apparent forms, for marketing, for promotion. It is the nature of mankind to replace an overriding, natural state of joy with thrill. And it is the nature of ego to provide him with the creative substitute thereof.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


A feature of reckless endangerment in your time and space can be extracted from or out of the level of continuum in the aforementioned session: in that you would subtract one feature over the other, in your timeframe. And so, this is how we approach the information: in a cause, for a cause, you would not seek to find another form than this: to take of, to partake of, in another or before. It is of one nature, then the next, as you will see, that the term reckless endangerment forms what it must, what it will, in your time and afterward.

For it would not be such that you could actually predetermine fate, at your will, if this were not so. You see, by your very nature as Sons of God, you will and purport things into existence, more than you are entirely aware. And so, with the reckless endangerment, you are driving the substructures of time and space by the intentions of ego and then partaking of them one by one. Minus the whole, in your particle-oriented format, then, you have examined the substructures and made of them what you will.

In reckless endangerment, you will that the documentation of your acts find its way out in one fashion or the other, but you do not will that it would find its way out to you. What I am saying is you will the thrill without the consequences. And that therein lies in the heart of all reckless endangerment, for the thrill’s sake, the naming of the inception of thrill over the inception of love, or the extenuation of the joy that outlasts the explosion of the thrill.

Thrill, you see, can be bound up in the ego alone. And when it is so, it is of such extension that you would not recognize joy, or love, or peace, or any of the qualities that remain in essence for the betterment of all. Thrill is a separatist by nature, it is of one accord only in that it finds itself again, and does not seek to share. It falls at the expense of others, to the expense of others, and attempts by its very autonomous-seeking nature to draw within itself of itself.

Monday, September 28, 2015


For inasmuch as you would like to understand the mass deeds of all mankind, to wrap them into one moment and to say, this is it! This occurs in that and that and the other, and so forth—it is fast impossible for you to take these things as they are and put them back together again, into that tiny speck of existence as they once were. This is the outgoing nature of your God, who has flung Himself far and wide, even into your plane, as He has into others, and others, and others.

And so inasmuch as you would try to encapsulate all that He is into one speck, to understand these sequence of events one over the other and under the other, they are all of deeds and misdeeds that you personify into vast human concourse. And that is how you must choose to understand in this world of cause and effect, what has gone on and will go on.

Reckless endangerment is a perfect example of why I must conclude this session with yet another to fathom: if you can see it, you can be it. This holds for all shapes and sizes of matter, antimatter, and the building blocks of All There Is. To recklessly endanger anyone or any place, to take the chance that you will not arrive and derive from yourselves the pleasure of existence, of enjoyment, in complete and unaltered form—this is the tragedy and travesty of mankind today. For to recklessly endanger any form, whether one play chicken or if one simply seeks to find out more than he can know at the moment, or for one to take another at his word, only to find out that the word was not good, all these examples of reckless endangerment that come forth on your plane, these are the things I will address in the next session.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


When it happens for a time in triumph and haste, in the interim, there is space for contingencies far and wide for you to affront [to encounter face to face] these bearings [related to one's position or personality] you hold fast to yourselves. In the markers of your “soul fronts” there are contingencies for all that you must do while you are steadfast here on earth, in this plane, for in others, you will not make such bearings to yourselves, nor find them to intrude upon all that you would have insisted upon while in this earthly life.

For it is all in another, you will see, that keeps beforehand for you what you must become, life after life, mile after mile, as you encroach upon yourselves, as I have said before, what you must do and what you must become. For the sorts and kinds of all these things are affronting [encountering] you in every way in every day, and you shall shun one over the other, turn one away, accept another, and this constant barrage and benchmark of decisions, choices, you will face all together each day, one after the next, one in front of the other, it seems.

And yet, enjoined in these moments is the twine of everything all at once. They are separated into fine lines by your insistence that they happen one by one. But that, they are not. They are a fine twine of events spread over a single continuum for all, and it is mastered by All in all, infinitesimally so. You would speak of such things as having mass velocity, mass encoding, mass substance and substrata, in all that they must do and [in order to] be inside of themselves and outside of themselves.

Saturday, September 26, 2015


I would remind you that there is a certain quality to your life notes as you walk this earth, a density that each man or woman maps through the corridors of time. In its finality, these notes are the road map of many souls alike, crucifixion being the central theme. Obviously, not all men or women are physically crucified. You may ask why such a grotesque form of symbol would carry itself through the centuries, the corridors of time and become that which is common to mankind. I have said that the cross symbol, it is the evaporative process of the DNA helix spread over the time that it takes the soul to transmigrate from the body after death.

In this transmigration, the soul shoots from the hip, so to speak, a directional flow not too unlike a crossbow, and the ethereal body is flung from its attachment to the midstream. In such a state, a soul may find itself scurrying back to the body, uncertain of what it has become. This cross shape is the code for transmigration, and the only code used thus far for humankind.

Different entities use other symbols when speaking of death, but ours is the crucifix. The very shape of the body allows for an easy understanding of such a cross, lends itself to such a cross, although the physical usage for torture and punishment was a sorry creation of mass greed and barbarism. Christ crucified, as I have spoken of him, was content to say, a helpful illustration of what all men must find as they come unto death, the tent left behind.

Friday, September 25, 2015


When there was one, there were many. In truth, as you will it to be, the truth stands ever presenting its reality forth toward what you will it to be. This willing and wanting of circumstances and results is only a natural outpouring of all you seem to be and will be, for nature in itself cannot purge forth any unique existences from itself without a procuring of faith, and indelible faith, to begin. What is required and will transpire in truth is all but your own doing in every mind, see it as so, not each, but every. Every mind is a state altogether foreign to each. Within each mind is a regarding forth of only me, or single sight. Within every mind is a collective unity of thought, presence, and procurement of all things in its wake, in its priority, in its necessity. Every mind is all unified forward-striking in its effect as well as its cause.

We hope to touch the world with every mind, and yet, we cling to the value of each mind in essence. For in every mind, we somehow fear when viewing from the each that the majority would fail in its attempt to rule well, to choose well. We are blinded by the roulette of the each. For in its decision-making events, the each employs a tactic that will not work for the every. The each intends for itself, and only itself. The every moves forth with whole-frame scenarios and the genuine concern for the All in all, for the every moment awareness that is always available to mankind, if he would by truth see its unifying connection.

Thursday, September 24, 2015


To miscreate is to fathom that you, or I, or anyone else on the earth might find our way out by bodily means. It is not so. To miscreate does not make it so, although at times, it may certainly appear to make it so. When you understand the full extent of what miscreation will do, you will be able to  find in the flesh a unique symbol and reality for all that the flesh may have to learn while it roams here on earth.

The body is a learning device; it is merely a tool for the mind to encroach its feelings and pleasures and desires. In the end, however, the body will have learned the power of every human mind, and their thought processes, you see. The mind will encroach in the sense that it must sway the body by its power, one way or the other, in hope for finding a way to express itself completely. This is your creation and miscreation.

The way to distinguish between the two is [by] combining your data and determining what will truly last. All on this earth will be scorched away. So that in the end, in new earths and new planes, you will still find yourselves creating and miscreating what will and will not last.

What will last are all acts performed out of love, undefiled and encroached upon by egocentric desire for the body or its preservation beyond that which it is intended to serve. Bear this in mind always, and you will be blessed. Treat the body with kindness by construct; the construct of your very own thoughts. They [the thought processes] will indeed suffer or destroy or uplift or deny or soil or spoil or divide or conquer, or any of the life events in which the body is used and involved.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


For anything to be certain, you must coordinate the functioning of the entire realm of [the] mind. It is not just the two hemispheres alone; for should they cease to function, one over the other, this happens altogether too frequently. This union of mind begins outside the body, it swirls around you and encases you like a shadow; it is the shadow with which I healed many.

This shadow self will spring henceforth from the cavity outside the body, which is otherwise known as spirit. How can I say this? It is difficult. The shadow which you have, you see, this spirit that encases the body yet stands outside of it, [is] connected only by foreign matter, so to speak, for it is an umbilicus that will be finally discarded when the body no longer walks this plane. It is foreign in that it has no recourse beyond this world which you made, and which you continue to make, with your thoughts.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


And so, you ask, how does this come to pass? How can this be? We are each found in a segment we call time, at any given moment, breathing and living and loving and quarreling and dying in these moments we call time. They “exist” in the nature of our ego minds as we now carry them with us on this journey. But the journey neither starts nor ends. The mind stands above all―the Self mind, which you have made. But the ego mind stands in between time and eternity. It points to one over the other. It perceives one, and distorts the other. In its perceptions are therefore more distortions at work.

And therefore I have not yet answered these questions concerning the nature of time, and I will call forth another way for explaining to those inquiring. It is this: lay before you what you call time. Watch it go past. Recall what time has borne, what time has accomplished, what time has done. Recall all that has befallen you in this element we call time. Watch it pass some more. Then come back to me and tell me what you have learned in time. And you will say, I have learned and experienced much on some days, and not so much on the others. And I will say, you are better for it; this is your purpose you have allotted yourselves in time, that you would walk the face of the earth with gratitude, with solitude, and in these moments, find that God is.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Rather Be

In the beginning, God did create and is still creating. Never forget that. Creation means freedom: for all souls, spirits, and nations. For as energy creates and and recreates, life goes on. And life is free to become that which it would rather be.

For life is always in the midst of becoming what it would rather be. Have you not heard? See them standing all neatly in a row, the rather bes. We are all one of them. We are all standing in our spaces we have created here in this plane we call earth, for the convenience of space then allows us to foremost move forward with our rather bes.

Rather be is not entirely a place of discontent; it is simply a soul crying out for what it does best, which is create and change. Do not fear change; change is the impetus of all that is to come, and all that has been before, and will be. Christ is change. To be blessed by the Christ is change. I emphasize change because he is essentially forever following this change process from the moment he appeared in your time, and [even] before that from the eternity from whence he sprang.

So this Christ which [who] was crucified, was not just the guidance to goodness only but the willingness, the willingness forever to change. The flexibility to change. So that you may know that all you have felt sad for the past few days, these changes you have mourned, are not endings as you have mourned them. They are beginnings to new realities that you are forming now as I speak. They are freedom to yet another, a new way.

Sunday, September 20, 2015


The meeting ground of any continuum is forthright in a second chain marking. By this I intend to say that, given all circumstances, all events, all possibilities you are forever searching to the corners of antiquity in your minds. By this, you say and do all that you have heretofore given, a way that you have made for yourselves a hundred times over, and yet you will make again. This is the nature of perchance in time. Things happening in your time, as the events unfold, you see, are no more happening in contagion than the sun rises before the moon. Which comes first? You see, which was it, the sun or the moon?

Therefore time has little meaning in the plethora of events and circumstances in which you find yourselves each day, week, month, or year. Time does not exist. And so, you ask, how is it then that we are still here, in this time, however? And I will say, that time has no consequence that you can see, hear, taste, or feel―it is illusion, you have been beguiled from ages past, and so you go forward now in the same. Time is illusion, period. For you to exist at all matters not in time. It matters not in eternity. It simply is. For your ideas about what eternity is, while you exist in time, are distorted, as well. Time lends itself to distortion.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Make a circle around yourself and we will go in. Inside [this circle] are molecular structures of tome and space, vacancies, as well, that are part of all that surrounds you within and without. Tomes are of particular order in this universe, and not so elsewhere. Tomes are of such kind that they seek out their Maker, their origin, again and again. Moleculars: p54 in particum sulfide plus one neuromatic peptide minus alpha particum partite. Genus: mankind. You know it well. Repeat: p54 minus alpha particum partite. The peptide holds your substance in existence, one chain of it only. Many chains appear, but one altogether holds you into existence as flesh and blood. Remove that chain, and you are gone. The nature of shape shifting is found here, but with manipulation, versus removal of, the peptide.

Peptide 46a in harmony with p54b and c will cause neuromatter to rot. Now you must understand that p54 is a chain length neuromatter indeed, as well as a peptide. The two meet in synchronicity over outward-bearing matter. Inward-bearing matter meets inside chain 76.

Fulcrums of these chains lie along matter 98 and sp 450, respectively. In your scientific body are the answers to all these encodings. Shift around and find. Particulate is of utmost importance in understanding all that matter can translate and transmute. Particulate founded upon chain-length 76b is of another matter entirely than pure peptide at the surface dwelling. So, in chain lengths, you will find all necessary for understanding shape shifting and releasing of matter.

Purposeful and intended work in these areas will allow mankind technologies he has only heretofore dreamed about. But, I must warn you, these things spoken about will raise great question concerning the nature of God as we have proposed Him to be. It will be a while before mankind can sort out all these conditions within himself and his view of God, you see. So fret not in exploring what these contain.

Friday, September 18, 2015


Freedom lies outward from the crux of all that pushed you inward originally, inside the framework you now exist, and not just in the body, but inside earthy existence, as I am describing it. This framework in which you exist is made of harboring and holding itself into a separate strand of submatter, as long as the DNA helix can possess forthright what it proposes to be. When it is exhausted, matter ceases to exist in that same framework.

But DNA coincides with what must take place on an immaterial level, the substrata found in gases around you, in molecular structures you do not yet know about. And so, you see, the collective of All That Is around you makes you stand separate from it. If this were not so, your bodies would simply melt into the air around you, or so it would appear. The strain of the helix that holds you separated is a maximum cord, refreshed daily by genetic coding.

For you to ponder and wonder over these things is heedless at this time. So therefore, I will finish with this: There is a strand that stands incomplete when one breaks the length of chain matter to shift out of one’s bodily form. This strand is at that time altogether catalyzed further out into time and space, becoming one with time and space, even just for an instant, without itself and within itself. This 
strand simply implodes upon itself and explodes outward.

Chain Lengths

Clearly, an assumption made in the face of these things could strike in a wrong direction, and that, you hold rightly. But in essence, this is all the same, and you will find out more as time rolls on. For in the essence of all things, you see, is one. And chain lengths or subdivisions of that one do not really exist. 

But for now, in this time and space, they are as real for you as the next thing. And so we subdivide and categorize to death, as it were, and quite literally, in this plane. But even in death, the subdivisions of matter go on and on. Now, I would like to address the formula for such chain length [matter] in the discussion before.

In these chains are subdivisions of time and space, developing tomes of existence, you see, beyond and beyond. You could go on to infinity and not reach an origin of source exactly. In your world the origin of next is the origin of last. And you must put one before and after the other. But in total, there is no before and after, no cause and effect. It is all one.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mass Events

And thus, mass events, mass telepathy, if you will, the acting out of these substrates over time and space, they defend over the space structure which you make for them to pass through to your world which you observe in time. Defend is a word I use to describe what must take place as they allow themselves to pass into existence, into matter, in your time and space. Offend would be to pass away, to pass out of this existence in your time. Devoid of these words there is nothing else to describe this transmission of matter, and therefore, I choose them to describe what I must.

Forward in time, therefore, is no more a reality than backward in time. They are one in the same, because they have been filtered through into your world and experience in the substrata [bedrock] of your thought and choice. You are no more [totally] God in your thought than your brother is. Do not be confused into thinking that this makes you out as God, with overarching power to choose and create a world different than you see in an instant of time or space. It is much more complicated than that.

But at its components, its nuts and bolts, it begins just this way. It does not give you [power to] rule any more than a single choice gives you [power to] rule. For in this [earthbound] viewpoint, that we choose our existence and therefore rule ourselves, we are sadly mistaken if we hold such power as even necessary—for [as an example] the advantage we would take of one another, you see. The edge, the advantage we may seek in doing so is already rescinded if we make such a choice in error and not truth.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


In the air are particles of mass that accumulate with time and over time and distance, in order that you can understand what the distance should mean. In distance, the vast space which you have created for yourselves in which to exist, are minute particles, or substrates called time and space, and they arrest for and at your beckoning from day to day, they remain at your beck and call, for more of them could come into essence for your strata (levels), even as you would wish them to be.

These are not fully developed into mass at the time of your reckoning, only substrates floating about in the pillar of this distance you call time and space, and en masse, they are not yet formed when they come into mass, they are indeed the stuff of which this world is made, but you see, they come into being at your beck and call, they are not [there] until you should chance to look upon them, and in this your scientists are right, when they allow for the transmission of, or the omission, of the observer.

In text they are not in existence before the observer should calculate their fortune, and how they should come into being. En masse, when one or more persons should calculate and exaggerate the substrate into being, it becomes a planned and shared event. This can occur over millions of miles and minutes in your earth plane.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Final Approach

So even  in the  separated contingencies of this world,  and another, and another, it is unified in its final approach. And in its final sight, it remains one.

The features of disunity and disharmony that you observe so astutely cannot be overlooked, this is true. And they should not be overlooked. For they are every bit as integral to the whole, the unity that contains the disunity within.

And so, as I have, if you could but see the one, the we, the whole that contains all the unity, disharmony, and death, you would realize that all indeed is well, and remains well.
Fret not when you long to understand the pieces and components of yourselves. Just know that they are out there and in here.

They are all around, for your resources are not disunified in their final approach. I speak of this as if in flight, to help you understand that, as we look down we see this and hold it true all the days of your lives.

On final approach, we come to you saying that although life and lives have seemingly strung you along with each to its own difficulty, you are narrowing in to understand the final destination of all that is to come. It is yours as it is ours. It is a resting place full of grace and mercy. And it is determined by the many paths you will take.

Sunday, September 13, 2015


By   age,   and   with  age,  as   determined   by  earth   years,  or  by  other   measurements of time therewith, you are much longer and broader than your time spent over twenty, thirty, or forty years. Your memory thereof of other lives, universes, is in one essence wiped clean, so that you may rejoin a new life experience with no clutter from the previous.

Some souls deconcoct themselves completely, and others have faint or very strong memories still intact. The reason for the memory wipe is obvious, on the one hand, that you not be able to extract any other viewpoints than the ones you are currently making, in your own mind, your own time. However, I will remark that you are not entirely up to this. Because within you is the databank of all lives, memories, concurrent ones even, that walk and exist.

So for you to step outside of your self, your life form as it exists here and now, you may see or experience some of these other viewpoints, as you have in your dreams.
But I will say that dreams are only one way of bearing out these other realities, these other selves.

In the beginning, we would have experienced them all together as one, before the changes. And yet, even in the appearance of separation, we maintained a unity that, at times here, you cannot see. You long to see it, but appears it is not so.
And if you step back far enough, you will see that it, however, is so. It always has been and always will be.

Saturday, September 12, 2015


It   is important  that  you  meld  yourselves  at  certain  points in your lives.  By  this melding you will gain greater insight concerning all worlds and grasp what they present to you in their fashions after their histories of time, their individual realities of time, which may not in essence follow the exact course of your time.

For time bends and follows its own tag line in each of these multiverses in your head. For that is where they must first exist, in your mind, deep within the resources you have mastered over the centuries to understand them. For you are much older than you suspect.

Friday, September 11, 2015


This parallel existence is forthwith all that you have dreamed about, in your nightly dreams. Canter one over the other, and you can easily paint a picture of your lifetimes elsewhere. And yet, they are all you. They each make yourselves you, in each of your separate existences. You are not aware exquisitely of the others, while yet, you are.

You dream dreams and recognize them for what they might be, even if the understanding is not yet fashioned in your thoughts. You only know that, following one of this these strange dreams, you recognize that it is you, living almost as you had somewhere in your past or probable future, and yet, it is not you nor your past nor your most probable future.
You see it as thus: it is the real me, really in this place, which never was and never will be. And so you awaken, and call it a dream.

But I will tell you now, these dreams are of greater import than you sometimes deem them to be. For they speak of a list of selves belonging to you and their probable realities and pasts and futures.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Per Annum

I will offer the difference. The difference being an annual redemption of all you will and bring to be. Annually you will make acceptances and sacrifices to your being within and without. On the one hand, we speak of this as aging. On the other, maturity. Wisdom seeks annually, as so also does security, perfection, hope, joy, peace, and so on. All the attributes of being are therein combined.

Annually you make for yourselves another way of seeing. I emphasize this year round aspect of change because, if you were to chart your existence in this fashion, in which you do now, you would observe just that. Per annum  things come around and cycle back through, connecting you forward as well as to your past. So the cycle of life and the roads therewith are recorded.

However, the difference I offer away from the annum is thus: if you retreat, as you retreat further within than without, you will see something else afoot. Within the deep folds of your being, your origin, are years unaccounted for. These years of focus are heralded in succession out of another world, in another plane, in another reality.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


So this sentience which we all share alike and apart, in that we are individually unique, is a shared comprehension of the world we thought we were, the living we thought we had.

And we shall find, in the end result, that we have never lived at all. Life itself, an illusion, is our greatest comprehension we can attain in bodies.

Out of bodies, we attain the world all over again, but in its entirety, not its segregation, in its unity, not its mass horror.

We await the time, when time has passed, and is no longer with us. For in this shall we find our illusion past, our sorrow reconciled, our destiny complete.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


But I say to you, we are the encountered. We do not encounter, as it seems to us. For us to exist in any form or frame, we have been, and are still being, the encountered.

So your explorations into alien technology have this correct. For we have, and have been, encountered far more than we would acknowledge.

We are grateful none for this state of being which we call damned. For while believing we are doomed and damned, we cannot carry over anything forthcoming to ourselves from the other, the master place of our souls.

We wait, we wonder, we worry, but in our awe of living life in its standard we think we have set, we forget who and where we are. It is truly a dream, and we are the dreamers.

Monday, September 7, 2015


For you see, it is truly a set of norms outside yourselves, the normalities of fusion and cohesion you do not understand as of yet. It is a coming comprehension, then understanding, as your acceptance grows in these things.

But for now, we have a limited vision, a mirror darkened, as it were, that we are not complete, not whole, not ready for what we think we should be ready for.

There is lack of, and lacking, and a sentient hatred for our incapabilities so strong that, we have assumed that we are no longer part of God, no longer living on His plane, no longer returning to Him.

Heretofore we have carried this belief system in so many ways. We call it hell. We name it with our fears, our injustices, our tragedies, our harm. We live life in this harmed state, or so we believe that we encounter, day by day.

Sunday, September 6, 2015


So, we resume. And in this, we carry forward all that we have perchance given among ourselves to this date. And we mark the time passing with an intent greater than ourselves. Forward we march on, in time, for without time, we carry a sense and sensibility that we are not heretofore within.

So I garner this time for you, as you have for me, to speak of things greater than ourselves. Always greater, never lesser, we strive for it, it seems our common cause. Yet in the lesser we so very often find the greater.

Therefore, we cannot assume that it is only predetermined factors in life that will make our existence worthwhile. Indeed, it is not merely the predetermination, the foreordination, as it were, but the meting out of all things in all, as you will come to understand it at last.

There is an all in all, fast past most given comprehension at this date, for all of you, but fast also approaching your kingdom come.

Saturday, September 5, 2015


So to tap into this surface, and then onto deeper things, is readily available to all who are tuned in such a way to receive its reckoning. I would say that in reaching for the unlimited, in tapping in its endless reserves, you are making all available channels and precepts for yourselves, regardless of how limited you may feel in this time frame.

So do not be discouraged by appearances of grief. All things transmute with and without time. You will see far greater transmutations as your kind revolves its consciousness back to sparing no effort in its search for greatness.

Humanistic though it may seem, it is tethered far and wide to the prediction of God. This undeniable to our understanding of ourselves, this irrefutable to our continuing with ourselves.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Tapping Into Unlimited

Now, I could call you out of isolation as well as place you in groups. Both are valid for these kinds of transmutation necessary to reach the unlimited. Reaching, though stated as such with its connotations in your language, is not the only word I would choose for, it intends that one has to travel, strive for, or journey to its destination. 

In reality you are tapping into the unlimited space already around you, and reaching has no real use if it is simply available in the air you breathe, for instance. You are immersed all around by the unlimited, it is yours, as you belong to it. You exist both within and without it.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


Power is also found in isolation. It is of a nature in absence of interruption or rearrangement. It is more focus on initial or initiation programs reachable by intent longing and awaiting. Thus the miracles powered by the saints. In their prayers of isolation, these many gifts transmuted and represented themselves.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I would like to garner a few of you for a mass ceremony. For that, it is unnecessary to complete oneself in essence, to be limitless as you in reality are. You are still in parts, and these parts are holistic representations of the whole.

By meeting together you send out the holographic signals necessary to make versors, or carriers, of the continuum. It is an ancient lot and understanding, that in groups we make more powerful animations and associations for survival, and for rearrangements. So we together have the continuum to rearrange ourselves in any fashion with any gifts in groups, of one mind and one accord.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


For there are factors of greatness in all of you, and in this greatness, you reach God, period. But in time frames, you are limited, and it is only those who, those rare few who, come into touch with the unlimited within their limits.

This factor, this reality, is available throughout, but the pulls of the ego, the protective devices of the corporeal self are strong. Therefore, so few of you come down from the maximal need of self while walking this plane.