Thursday, October 22, 2015

Per Anum

I will offer the difference. The difference being an annual redemption of all you will and bring to be. Annually you will make acceptances and sacrifices to your being within and without. On the one hand, we speak of this as aging. On the other, maturity. Wisdom seeks annually, as so also does security, perfection, hope, joy, peace, and so on. 

All the attributes of being are therein combined. Annually, you make for yourselves another way of seeing. I emphasize this year-round aspect of change because, if you were to chart your existence in this fashion, in which you do now, you would observe just that. Per anum, things come around and cycle back through, connecting you forward as well as to your past. So the cycle of life and the roads therewith are recorded.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


In awakening from the past to the present, a soul must traverse his expanse of being, in a contingent understanding of all he has been and will be. For they are one in the same, but the outplaying hereof appears in essence to take place over one moment after the other. This is nothing new.

You have discovered and hold this true to yourself, when you have examined the possibilities and probabilities of parallel realities, transverse universes, and so on. And so for me to say that, in essence, you are one with All forms an incorrect perception before your eyes. And in that perception, you perceive that, in order to be or become one with All in all, you must adhere to that which your brother or sister has become within themselves.

This falls hardly true, in that the brother or sister may not adhere to the One, or even the idea of oneness, and therefore, in their separated and believe-to-be separated state, they act. And therefore, you see, in this plane, you do not see the completion of the outworking of oneness and the feeling of All in all.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


We hope to touch the world with every mind, and yet, we cling to the value of each mind in essence. For in every mind, we somehow fear when viewing from the each that the majority would fail in its attempt to rule well, to choose well. We are blinded by the roulette of the each.

For in its decision-making events, the each employs a tactic that will not work for the every. The each intends for itself, and only itself. The every moves forth with whole-frame scenarios and the genuine concern for the All in all, for the every moment awareness that is always available to mankind, if he would by truth see its unifying connection.

Monday, October 19, 2015


When there was one, there were many. In truth, as you will it to be, the truth stands ever presenting its reality forth toward what you will it to be. This willing and wanting of circumstances and results is only a natural outpouring of all you seem to be and will be, for nature in itself cannot purge forth any unique existences from itself without a procuring of faith, and indelible faith, to begin. 

What is required and will transpire in truth is all but your own doing in every mind, see it as so, not each, but every. Every mind is a state altogether foreign to each. Within each mind is a regarding forth of only me, or single sight. Within every mind is a collective unity of thought, presence, and procurement of all things in its wake, in its priority, in its necessity. Every mind is all unified forward-striking in its effect as well as its cause. 

Sunday, October 18, 2015


What might we also speak of that regarding love, or any other lingering emotion borne of love or fear? However, the primordial difference therein lies in the heart, and in the matter of choice, in the goodness thereof, for in the good contains the battle for life and expansion.

We well know that at some point the universe will enter a state of contraction, drawing into itself in one destructive blast. We see evidence of this in isolated features of our universe now, still remaining so isolated as not to monopolize the entire galaxy.

Such forces, however, though we would label as destruction, total annihilation of life, as certainly not good, the universe knows no judgment call. It is the primordial id, the subconscious mind. It relates no logic, it knows no time or space. It simply exists to expand, and then to contract.

So, in essence, there are forces yet beyond good and evil that you will reckon with. But mankind only concerns himself with these two. He forgets the others, though they do certainly affect him. And in these others is also the oneness, and the connection with All in all.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Mercies

Symptoms of pain require honor in their realm for observance of their sequence in mercy. For mercy we ask not on the arrival of pain; we are altogether touched and torn by pain's presence.

And yet, for its presence and in its presence, the tender mercies of God prevail always. For pain is a symptom only of deeper realms of their own kind. Pain is never paramount, never permanent. Pain is a transition from kind to kind. 

Hopelessness in pain thwarts mercy.

Mercy is of a kind both known and unknown in its completeness. The tender mercies fulfill what we do not see. The tender mercies carry us to realms yet unknown. The tender mercies fulfill all ever hoped or dreamt. 

They wait for us in pardon for our sorrows. They are ours and God's in store for all time and forevermore.

Friday, October 16, 2015


In a substrate, in matter, is a conundrum of ideas and replicates that are very difficult to comprehend. But when I say that matter replicates itself, the meaning thereof is as stated clearly. Matter seeks its like and like again, and replicates what it desires to be. You, in a sense are the perfect replicator, your body, and how it functions to repair and assist itself daily. In this replication thereof, you see, are many handholds of knowledge functioning at once, and we will address them one by one.


In replication, one seeks supplication. What I am saying is, the replicator must supplicate him or herself to that which he or she would desire to have or be. Supplication is not just a word choice of sound, but of function. Go look it up, if you must. But the choice is in the asking, and the asking of the choice. We choose to ask as we ask to choose, and that we do each day of our lives. 

We rest when we supplicate, for we wait for an answer thereof. And so, in this restful state, this first state of being to replicate, becoming to replicate, we exist in a state of pure rest, without necessarily always feeling it so. The body cries out for more—always more. And yet, within its tissues, there is coding for this rest, for us to find. If we tend the ego, and by that, I mean that we intend the ego to stand down for this period of rest, then we have passed the first step successfully. 

However, if the ego, in its overriding desire for more, should extend out in fear that we will not have what we desire for the body, then the replication process is divided between what is imperative and what is functional. The body must replicate, or it shall die. The soul need not replicate to live. The counterattack of the ego is thus: the soul shall not live apart from the body. It must go away, and where it goes, we cannot be certain. But that is its counterattack, and not truth. 

In truth, the body may successfully replicate each time it asks, and waits unafraid, for this process to begin. And it extends of itself to itself what it needs, desires, and wants for, without the ego’s assistance. And so, when you mention the ego, when you think upon it, remember that at its heart entails the need to want, and to want again. 

For in the nature of replication there is no want. Only abundance, and life abundant. And it is ours to have and use as we will. It is ours to preserve the soul’s function within the body as long as we shall live (in this plane). Replication is a matter you should concern yourselves with, because it is the first step in this joint venture with the soul’s bearer, namely, God.

Thursday, October 15, 2015


So, we resume. And in it, we carry forward all that we have perchance given among ourselves to this date. And we mark the time passing with an intent greater than ourselves. Forward we march on, in time, for without time, we carry a sense and sensibility that we are not heretofore within.

So I garner this time for you, as you have for me, to speak of things greater than ourselves. Always greater, never lesser, we strive for it, it seems our common cause. Yet in the lesser we so very often find the greater. Therefore, we cannot assume that it is only predetermined factors in life that will make our existence worthwhile. Indeed, it is not merely the predetermination, the fore ordination, as it were, but the meting out of all things in all, as you will come to understand it at last. 

There is an all in all, fast past most given comprehension at this date, for all of you, but fast approaching your kingdom come. For you see, it is truly a set of norms outside yourselves, the normality of fusion and cohesion you do not understand as of yet. It is a coming comprehension, then understanding, as your acceptance grows in these things. 

But for now, we have a limited vision, a mirror darkened, as it were, that we are not complete, not whole, not ready for what we think we should be ready for. There is lack of, and lacking, and a sentient hatred for our incapability so strong that, we have assumed that we are no longer part of God, no longer living on His plane, no longer returning to Him. 

Heretofore we have carried this belief system in so many ways. We call it hell. We name it with our fears, our injustices, our tragedies, our harm. We live life in this harmed state, or so we believe that we encounter, day by day.

But I say to you, we are the encountered. We do not encounter, as it seems to us. For us to exist in any form or frame, we have been, and are still being, the encountered. So your explorations into alien technology have this correct. For we have, and have been, encountered far more than we would acknowledge. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


If the shape shifter is of one accord with himself, for himself, by himself, and with others, he recognizes that he is no more or no less in synchronicity with one and all. He simply changes at will, it seems—but in reality he makes his bed as carefully as the next one. In this process, his mind is of one accord with his God, however he may perceive Him to be, for he has found his peace and trust with All That Is, that the events in his day are happening, all for good reason, which lends him more so to trust in this process. 

He releases a figment of his mind to the imaginary process of being another first, and being elsewhere first. He goes there first in mind, in thought, endearing the process, loving it, placing it in highest regard, that this is what he entirely wills and wants at this moment, not preparing or thinking or fretting about the next [moment]. It is for him in this moment, and that is all he concentrates upon. 

The next step is one of wishing well upon himself and others, and this is what it simply is. As a well-wisher, he takes and partakes of All That Is, because he intends only good to rise from what he wills. He does not confuse good with prosperity, abundance, or advantage one over the other. In his good, he makes a sequence of events forward that pass through mankind like a shadow, for the good of God, and he does not define the good so precisely as some of your religious texts do. He wills that the good of God bless the process; nothing less, and nothing more. 

In this, he asks for the truth to come forward in its essence that always was, and guard the process. The final step, and only step, that we observe in the process, is the shape shift itself. In this transmigration of thought and matter, we remember that it first began, and ends, with thought. It is a hallowed reminder that we all change, regardless. However static our time here may seem, it is constantly shifting before our eyes, whether we notice or not. 

And so the lines of energy, as you have observed, are ones the shifter rides into another existence of form. To harness those lines of energy is to make the shift. They must surround you and lift you up, move you about, and carry you into this form. They will capitulate [from one form to another] in their shift if you allow them to do so. And that is it, my friend, and always, to simply allow these things to be.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Shape Shifters

Before the fall as you know it, mankind was fortuitous to find within himself all that he could be in the foretaste of God, you see, and in that, man was once endowed with all the mercies and substance he could allow into his being, that form once from God. And to see that form, all he had to perceive, to do, was “element” himself so. It was in his mind, he simply transmigrated at will, or shape shifted, if you will, from that form to another. 

It was all at his fingertips, much like what you do now [typing]. Simply one stroke of the key over the other made entirely different [words] worlds for him or her, you see, in the heavens as well as on earth. Now we speak of the fall with care, for, in its nature, in that nature, it isn’t a fall from worthiness, as you would desire to perceive it so. It has not marred your nature in the event of time or space, as you believe it has. It has simply transmigrated you once again, if you will, into another state of being, and one entirely more static than the first.

The aliens know more of this state than you do, or what you choose to refer to as alien in your culture. In reality, they are older forms of you, those existing for hundreds of thousands of years before your kind, and with their brain size, as you have recorded, inherent within that large cranium, is the superior functioning of one’s ability to form these things we speak of, these alternate realities, and the ones parallel and interdimensional to your plane of being. 

However, you must understand that the cranium capacity is not one of great import to your culture; it is not unfettered of its own accord. It holds merely the substance of reality from one to another, but does not generate that reality, in essence. What generates reality from one moment to the next is a slipshod fashion of existence in which you find yourself invested at the moment; it is a constant tweaking and twinging of all mankind, shifting from one moment to the next, with myriad processes of change occurring that you are unaware of.

So what at the onset appears so entirely static in your time and space is in reality a multitudinous plethora of matter in constant flux. It moves and swirls around you, while you, 
[are] blind to its existence, or how it shapes matter around you. The aliens have more of a technological ability to harness this process, and have done so, with apparent ease. But centuries of work at the drawing board have reamed this out, for it is a technology that further translates matter into another kind of existence—what I am saying is, the technology itself forms interference with the process of [natural]
 shape shifting, if you will.

Monday, October 12, 2015


Now we could call you out of isolation as well as place you in groups. Both are valid for the kinds of transmutation necessary to reach the unlimited. Reaching, though stated as such with its connotations in your language, is not the only word I would choose, for it intends that one has to travel, strive for, or journey to its destination.

In reality you are tapping into the unlimited space already around you, and reaching has no real use if it is simply available in the air you breathe, for instance. You are immersed all around by the unlimited, it is yours, as you belong to it. You exist both within and without it. So to tap into this surface, and then onto deeper things, is readily available to all who are tuned in such a way to receive its reckoning.

I would say that in reaching for the unlimited, in tapping into its endless reserves, you are making all available channels and precepts for yourselves, regardless of how limited you may feel in this time frame.

So do not be discouraged by appearances of grief. All things transmute within and without time. You will see far greater transmutations as your kind revolves its consciousness back to sparing no effort in its search for greatness. Humanistic though it may seem, it is tethered far and wide to the prediction of God. This, undeniable to our understanding of ourselves; this, irrefutable to our continuing with ourselves.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


If this sounds too Biblical, then let it stand. For there are factors of greatness in all of you, and in this greatness, you reach God, period. But in time frames, you are limited, and it is only those who, those rare few who, come into touch with the unlimited within their limits. This factor, this reality, is available throughout, but the pulls of the ego, the protective devices of the corporeal self are strong. Therefore, so few of you come down from the maximal need of self while walking this plane.

I would like to garner a few of you for a mass ceremony. For that, it is unnecessary to complete oneself in essence, to be limitless as you in reality are. You are still in parts, and these parts are holistic representations of the whole. By meeting together you send out the holographic signals necessary to make versors, or carriers, of the continuum. It is an ancient lot and understanding, that in groups we make more powerful animations and associations for survival, and for rearrangements. So we together have the continuum to rearrange ourselves in any fashion with any gifts in groups, of one mind and one accord.

Power is also found in isolation. It is of a nature in absence of interruption or rearrangement. It is more focus on initial or initiation programs reachable by intent longing and awaiting. Thus the miracles powered by the saints. In their prayers of isolation, these many gifts transmuted and represented themselves.

Saturday, October 10, 2015


Integrity of mind and forethought, the happenstance of all things made first in the mind only, as it wells up within you, is the precipice of all things concerned.

And in your knowing, you are known.

As it happens, you will see, all foreknowledge and making of events is already within you, each of you, but their discounting of is great. We do not acknowledge that, and on the outset that, such an event could occur.

For we believe they are happening before us rather than after us.
And afterward, we say, I should have seen that coming. Now, I will say this to you, and all of you, you have seen it coming, and more than once. For life gives to us thrice making of all things. We bear them up not once, not twice, but thrice. And it is so.

This bit about foreknowledge is, of course, difficult to explain. It is veiled from you and yet so very much a part of you. In humankind, we are awaiting a day when we shall with our technology see all things before us and behind us. And that will be a day of great awakening, to be above to mark and understand each and every one of these things.

Some might say this would be in essence catching up with the knowledge of God. But I say,
it is not so; for to hold the great and terrible knowledge of God, as we have subjected it so, is to hold all in essence, fore essence, and not only know it well, but expend it throughout the universes in such a way that it pares out and throughout. Only this can be accomplished through all the working parts. And there you are, in your current time frame, a part of the working parts.

But the whole, you see, is now both reachable and unreachable. You can know of it, understand it even, but you remain separated in this essence of your calling, your falling, to this earth plane.

Friday, October 9, 2015


So I will declare and define innocence, so that you may know that it is not as lost as you think it.

Innocence is all that a soul can find in its grace for living; it is the power to smile forward-looking and say, this is going to be a truly beautiful day, or I look forward to that. It is beguiled only by the construct of its desires. If it desires wholeness, health, happiness, joy, peace and harmony, it remains innocence. If it looks for anything more, it is as beguiled as its beguiler.

And so therewith, you have the call of innocence. Its fronds and pieces about you are scattered far and wide. It tarries not after you; it follows you swiftly whether you may go in pursuit of the aforesaid, aforementioned virtues. For it is, and always will, remain in virtuous thought and mind. It spreads its innocence and gives itself to forward-looking in spite of bad company it may meet. It is contagious, and of such a nature that the very air we breathe contains its value and virtue.

If not in a little while you shall understand the nature of full containment of innocence, its value, that it may permeate all that you say and do. It is not for the possibility of change in the nature of this world I have spoken for innocence; it is for the nature of mankind, I have suggested that, regardless of your mistakes, it remains and is reborn still yet, again and again.

Thursday, October 8, 2015


How can we see without eyes or think without mind? Is there indeed, such a state of consciousness to be held? Has any one of us approached this observation, ever?

To meet with such power, the ability to stand outside one's self and all that one has manufactured, to comment thereupon from a state of innocence, is fast something we would admittedly request for ourselves, such a state that cannot become.

And yet I say to you, it becomes all around us, it is the very nature of this world, however blinded to it we may seem. It is our birthright just as sure as any other. We have beheld such innocence in babies of all kinds, in ourselves at times, and we have watched its beauty fade, its essence wilt to the throng of, the tide of the masses declaring its loss.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


The  line between  manufacture and  observation is  very thin, as you   well realize  by now—for indeed manufacture is the operative, global term while observation is the placative, while-for-innocence term.

For in one sense we somehow maintain our innocence in multiple situations if we believe we did not participate, but only observed.

The observer in you as a nonparticipant is at the crux of something very catalytic in making the manufactured observed. My point: to observe, you must manufacture, and to manufacture, you must observe.

Some hold the observing consciousness in us as spirit, or the Higher Self. But I say this observer is not always a function of higher consciousness. For you watch many circumstances transpire in life. Watching is one kind of observation, but it is not always made by higher consciousness.

To observe from the I Am consciousness, one must extract his or her very nature out of the set at hand. You are no longer you, nor your name, nor your shoe size. You are no longer in this body, in this plane, in this time or space. To truly observe as the I Am, the tranquil one, you stand outside all sets looking on.

The events, the subset of life you watch, you then watch, no longer contains you. For you wait just outside what is observed.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Consolation is that innocence is never completely lost. Indeed though you may fear it has long gone in your own life, for in many ways your knowledge has tempered it and challenged it, so therefore you must know, and believe that, this innocence will be spared and shared throughout in another time frame, one of your own outworking, of your own making.

I speak of innocence this session because it is a component, and part of the framework for joy, for finding joy and maintaining joy. It is tempered of sorts in your nature to undo everything as readily as you toil to make things substantiate and qualify in your existence. For you are meting out your joy, your innocence round about and at the same time tearing it down when frustration strikes. And this plane is filled with frustrations, dukkha, suffering, as you already are aware. The mind manufactures them as astutely as it observes them.

Monday, October 5, 2015


Innocence   begins  in trade,  and   fair  trade,  with  recognition  of  fact in  circumstance  and circumstance in fact. In one and without the other, you see, is more of the same in its intent. For to be innocent, one must find in him or herself the nature of vowing forward, ablating forward, moving oneself in such a way unknowingly and unwittingly forward without aforementioned knowledge of fact.

Though it sounds like a movement of stumbling forward in one's ignorance, it is not.

t shines forward all that is and will be in one sentence. It is of foremost integrity and aforementioned knowledge wrapped into one action. Children, on the outset of their lives, before they are tempered and distempered by the adults surrounding them, their caregivers, and such, children do this with utmost prudence, this making of innocence. And so also, younger animals, while they still engage in play as prey, or play at war.

Sunday, October 4, 2015


The joy  in the  finding  thereof  is  the  finding, not  the joy. So  difficult  a  measure for  one  to comprehend, and yet, in the other sense, it is impeccable in its receiving thereof. For in joy, in time, the joy that you find wrapped in time frames as in this earth, this joy is transmuted out of another joy, the one that has existed long before time was made.

For your see, there was time before time, as it is not understood by you now, ticking away the seconds and hours and days and years and millenniums. Before this clock time, before this psychological time, we were in a time immortal in its ways, in its findings, in its essence.

And from this time, which was simply a framework device for receiving and giving, was a translation and transmutation of yourselves on a “daily” basis, or in a routine framework outside of what you now understand as routine.

So joy, as you receive it now, is wrapped in many layers of thought, expectation, adaptation, and so on. It finds itself in the creases of your lives. Sometimes these creases are very tiny, fast pushed out by the terrors of living itself.

And so joy, in your framework in the here and now, as it is passing by you in this time frame we call existence, earthbound existence, in the year of our Lord, you fill in the date, is a joy that in yesteryear you did not experience as the same, the joy you laugh out loud for now is not the same laughter you experienced as a baby, you see.

For in the yesteryear when say, you were a youth, the joy was meted out by the knowledge and concerns of youth, meted out and about.

And in the joys of an eighty year old, it is meted out and about the thoughts and desires and wishes of the mind and body for that framework.

I am pointing to joy in its essence of tide, of time, and how time plants frameworks around it while you walk this plane.

Saturday, October 3, 2015


In awakening from the past to the present, a soul must traverse its expanse of being, in a contingent understanding of all it has been and will be. For they are one in the same, but the outplaying thereof appears in essence to take place over one moment after the other. This is nothing new.

You have discovered and hold this true to yourself, when you have examined the possibilities and probabilities of parallel realities, transverse universes, and so on. And so for me to say that, in essence, you are one with all forms an incorrect perception before your eyes. And in that perception, you perceive that, in order to be or become one with All in all, you must adhere to that which your brother or sister has become within themselves.

This falls hardly true, in that a brother or sister may not adhere to the One, or even the idea of oneness, and therefore, in their separated and believed-to-be separated state, they act. And therefore, you see, in this plane, you do not see the completion of the outworking of oneness and the feeling of All in all.

Friday, October 2, 2015


And so, in your defensive posture, all that which you find for yourself to fear, remember it is not with you in the way you make it out to be. It is never with you in the way you make it out to be. It is chainmail, my friend, and thus and always only so—this defensive posture which you take will provide and only further other defenses, until you are swallowed whole by all that you fear. It remains you may find that, if you had come forward with the defense before yourself, and recognized it as such, then the remains of all that terrified and fortified this defensive posture would seek elsewhere for its strength, namely, in a never ending life game, if you will. So in essence, Christ was saying, “Each day has its defense.” And so it goes.

You will complicate matters by posturing games of defense, and you will never find such peace that you seek, nor can you hail yourself able to stand apart from the ego, and all that it entails. Watch for certain areas of subtle posturing defenses [defense mechanisms] in yourself and others, for within these are yours and their keys to the kingdom, my friend. To become aware is to be made free of all defenses, moment by moment. Therefore find in each moment a place for non-defensiveness, and yours is the kingdom of God.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Containment of sorts with what you have, want, and will manufacture in your near future, the probability, you see, is the chainmail of one’s existence—for it creates an inseparable goal in the blight of one’s focus. The near future is at the time which probability stands at its nearest to creating that which one has teamed into focus.

But the branch thereof that stands just outside this focus, this continuity of thought, time, and space which you haven’t conquered or yet sought, this is the blight of one’s existence, a forager to boot, which makes it necessary for defense and defense mechanisms of the mind, heart, and soul.

For in defense you hope to find All that has created what is either in error, or in subjugation to Another who can make it right. In essence, you make what you find and you find what you make. And this chainmail which I spoke of, the defense, you see, this is the blight of every man’s existence, his hope shattered, if you will, that he must bear such discouraging news, or make the last call, or do and impart any of the other defensive measures he must.

For we all yearn for our defenses to set us free, but that, they do not.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Reckless endangerment is of note because it is a persistent societal norm, of such social structure to be found out again and again, and in its many forms, it speaks to the face of fear. It communicates with the thrill of fear, and fear communicates with the satisfaction of thrill.

It is another of the faces of the ego and its fear-based systemology for your societies to wrangle with for some time now, and again, in the near future, with many of its products, functions, liaisons, and so forth. Reckless endangerment is not too far from each of you lately, in that it infuses your society with its much needed, apparent forms, for marketing, for promotion. It is the nature of mankind to replace an overriding, natural state of joy with thrill. And it is the nature of ego to provide him with the creative substitute thereof.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


A feature of reckless endangerment in your time and space can be extracted from or out of the level of continuum in the aforementioned session: in that you would subtract one feature over the other, in your timeframe. And so, this is how we approach the information: in a cause, for a cause, you would not seek to find another form than this: to take of, to partake of, in another or before. It is of one nature, then the next, as you will see, that the term reckless endangerment forms what it must, what it will, in your time and afterward.

For it would not be such that you could actually predetermine fate, at your will, if this were not so. You see, by your very nature as Sons of God, you will and purport things into existence, more than you are entirely aware. And so, with the reckless endangerment, you are driving the substructures of time and space by the intentions of ego and then partaking of them one by one. Minus the whole, in your particle-oriented format, then, you have examined the substructures and made of them what you will.

In reckless endangerment, you will that the documentation of your acts find its way out in one fashion or the other, but you do not will that it would find its way out to you. What I am saying is you will the thrill without the consequences. And that therein lies in the heart of all reckless endangerment, for the thrill’s sake, the naming of the inception of thrill over the inception of love, or the extenuation of the joy that outlasts the explosion of the thrill.

Thrill, you see, can be bound up in the ego alone. And when it is so, it is of such extension that you would not recognize joy, or love, or peace, or any of the qualities that remain in essence for the betterment of all. Thrill is a separatist by nature, it is of one accord only in that it finds itself again, and does not seek to share. It falls at the expense of others, to the expense of others, and attempts by its very autonomous-seeking nature to draw within itself of itself.

Monday, September 28, 2015


For inasmuch as you would like to understand the mass deeds of all mankind, to wrap them into one moment and to say, this is it! This occurs in that and that and the other, and so forth—it is fast impossible for you to take these things as they are and put them back together again, into that tiny speck of existence as they once were. This is the outgoing nature of your God, who has flung Himself far and wide, even into your plane, as He has into others, and others, and others.

And so inasmuch as you would try to encapsulate all that He is into one speck, to understand these sequence of events one over the other and under the other, they are all of deeds and misdeeds that you personify into vast human concourse. And that is how you must choose to understand in this world of cause and effect, what has gone on and will go on.

Reckless endangerment is a perfect example of why I must conclude this session with yet another to fathom: if you can see it, you can be it. This holds for all shapes and sizes of matter, antimatter, and the building blocks of All There Is. To recklessly endanger anyone or any place, to take the chance that you will not arrive and derive from yourselves the pleasure of existence, of enjoyment, in complete and unaltered form—this is the tragedy and travesty of mankind today. For to recklessly endanger any form, whether one play chicken or if one simply seeks to find out more than he can know at the moment, or for one to take another at his word, only to find out that the word was not good, all these examples of reckless endangerment that come forth on your plane, these are the things I will address in the next session.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


When it happens for a time in triumph and haste, in the interim, there is space for contingencies far and wide for you to affront [to encounter face to face] these bearings [related to one's position or personality] you hold fast to yourselves. In the markers of your “soul fronts” there are contingencies for all that you must do while you are steadfast here on earth, in this plane, for in others, you will not make such bearings to yourselves, nor find them to intrude upon all that you would have insisted upon while in this earthly life.

For it is all in another, you will see, that keeps beforehand for you what you must become, life after life, mile after mile, as you encroach upon yourselves, as I have said before, what you must do and what you must become. For the sorts and kinds of all these things are affronting [encountering] you in every way in every day, and you shall shun one over the other, turn one away, accept another, and this constant barrage and benchmark of decisions, choices, you will face all together each day, one after the next, one in front of the other, it seems.

And yet, enjoined in these moments is the twine of everything all at once. They are separated into fine lines by your insistence that they happen one by one. But that, they are not. They are a fine twine of events spread over a single continuum for all, and it is mastered by All in all, infinitesimally so. You would speak of such things as having mass velocity, mass encoding, mass substance and substrata, in all that they must do and [in order to] be inside of themselves and outside of themselves.

Saturday, September 26, 2015


I would remind you that there is a certain quality to your life notes as you walk this earth, a density that each man or woman maps through the corridors of time. In its finality, these notes are the road map of many souls alike, crucifixion being the central theme. Obviously, not all men or women are physically crucified. You may ask why such a grotesque form of symbol would carry itself through the centuries, the corridors of time and become that which is common to mankind. I have said that the cross symbol, it is the evaporative process of the DNA helix spread over the time that it takes the soul to transmigrate from the body after death.

In this transmigration, the soul shoots from the hip, so to speak, a directional flow not too unlike a crossbow, and the ethereal body is flung from its attachment to the midstream. In such a state, a soul may find itself scurrying back to the body, uncertain of what it has become. This cross shape is the code for transmigration, and the only code used thus far for humankind.

Different entities use other symbols when speaking of death, but ours is the crucifix. The very shape of the body allows for an easy understanding of such a cross, lends itself to such a cross, although the physical usage for torture and punishment was a sorry creation of mass greed and barbarism. Christ crucified, as I have spoken of him, was content to say, a helpful illustration of what all men must find as they come unto death, the tent left behind.