Sunday, October 18, 2015


What might we also speak of that regarding love, or any other lingering emotion borne of love or fear? However, the primordial difference therein lies in the heart, and in the matter of choice, in the goodness thereof, for in the good contains the battle for life and expansion.

We well know that at some point the universe will enter a state of contraction, drawing into itself in one destructive blast. We see evidence of this in isolated features of our universe now, still remaining so isolated as not to monopolize the entire galaxy.

Such forces, however, though we would label as destruction, total annihilation of life, as certainly not good, the universe knows no judgment call. It is the primordial id, the subconscious mind. It relates no logic, it knows no time or space. It simply exists to expand, and then to contract.

So, in essence, there are forces yet beyond good and evil that you will reckon with. But mankind only concerns himself with these two. He forgets the others, though they do certainly affect him. And in these others is also the oneness, and the connection with All in all.

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