Monday, October 12, 2015


Now we could call you out of isolation as well as place you in groups. Both are valid for the kinds of transmutation necessary to reach the unlimited. Reaching, though stated as such with its connotations in your language, is not the only word I would choose, for it intends that one has to travel, strive for, or journey to its destination.

In reality you are tapping into the unlimited space already around you, and reaching has no real use if it is simply available in the air you breathe, for instance. You are immersed all around by the unlimited, it is yours, as you belong to it. You exist both within and without it. So to tap into this surface, and then onto deeper things, is readily available to all who are tuned in such a way to receive its reckoning.

I would say that in reaching for the unlimited, in tapping into its endless reserves, you are making all available channels and precepts for yourselves, regardless of how limited you may feel in this time frame.

So do not be discouraged by appearances of grief. All things transmute within and without time. You will see far greater transmutations as your kind revolves its consciousness back to sparing no effort in its search for greatness. Humanistic though it may seem, it is tethered far and wide to the prediction of God. This, undeniable to our understanding of ourselves; this, irrefutable to our continuing with ourselves.

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