Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Shape Shifters

Before the fall as you know it, mankind was fortuitous to find within himself all that he could be in the foretaste of God, you see, and in that, man was once endowed with all the mercies and substance he could allow into his being, that form once from God. And to see that form, all he had to perceive, to do, was “element” himself so. It was in his mind, he simply transmigrated at will, or shape shifted, if you will, from that form to another. 

It was all at his fingertips, much like what you do now [typing]. Simply one stroke of the key over the other made entirely different [words] worlds for him or her, you see, in the heavens as well as on earth. Now we speak of the fall with care, for, in its nature, in that nature, it isn’t a fall from worthiness, as you would desire to perceive it so. It has not marred your nature in the event of time or space, as you believe it has. It has simply transmigrated you once again, if you will, into another state of being, and one entirely more static than the first.

The aliens know more of this state than you do, or what you choose to refer to as alien in your culture. In reality, they are older forms of you, those existing for hundreds of thousands of years before your kind, and with their brain size, as you have recorded, inherent within that large cranium, is the superior functioning of one’s ability to form these things we speak of, these alternate realities, and the ones parallel and interdimensional to your plane of being. 

However, you must understand that the cranium capacity is not one of great import to your culture; it is not unfettered of its own accord. It holds merely the substance of reality from one to another, but does not generate that reality, in essence. What generates reality from one moment to the next is a slipshod fashion of existence in which you find yourself invested at the moment; it is a constant tweaking and twinging of all mankind, shifting from one moment to the next, with myriad processes of change occurring that you are unaware of.

So what at the onset appears so entirely static in your time and space is in reality a multitudinous plethora of matter in constant flux. It moves and swirls around you, while you, 
[are] blind to its existence, or how it shapes matter around you. The aliens have more of a technological ability to harness this process, and have done so, with apparent ease. But centuries of work at the drawing board have reamed this out, for it is a technology that further translates matter into another kind of existence—what I am saying is, the technology itself forms interference with the process of [natural]
 shape shifting, if you will.

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