Saturday, October 10, 2015


Integrity of mind and forethought, the happenstance of all things made first in the mind only, as it wells up within you, is the precipice of all things concerned.

And in your knowing, you are known.

As it happens, you will see, all foreknowledge and making of events is already within you, each of you, but their discounting of is great. We do not acknowledge that, and on the outset that, such an event could occur.

For we believe they are happening before us rather than after us.
And afterward, we say, I should have seen that coming. Now, I will say this to you, and all of you, you have seen it coming, and more than once. For life gives to us thrice making of all things. We bear them up not once, not twice, but thrice. And it is so.

This bit about foreknowledge is, of course, difficult to explain. It is veiled from you and yet so very much a part of you. In humankind, we are awaiting a day when we shall with our technology see all things before us and behind us. And that will be a day of great awakening, to be above to mark and understand each and every one of these things.

Some might say this would be in essence catching up with the knowledge of God. But I say,
it is not so; for to hold the great and terrible knowledge of God, as we have subjected it so, is to hold all in essence, fore essence, and not only know it well, but expend it throughout the universes in such a way that it pares out and throughout. Only this can be accomplished through all the working parts. And there you are, in your current time frame, a part of the working parts.

But the whole, you see, is now both reachable and unreachable. You can know of it, understand it even, but you remain separated in this essence of your calling, your falling, to this earth plane.

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