Friday, October 9, 2015


So I will declare and define innocence, so that you may know that it is not as lost as you think it.

Innocence is all that a soul can find in its grace for living; it is the power to smile forward-looking and say, this is going to be a truly beautiful day, or I look forward to that. It is beguiled only by the construct of its desires. If it desires wholeness, health, happiness, joy, peace and harmony, it remains innocence. If it looks for anything more, it is as beguiled as its beguiler.

And so therewith, you have the call of innocence. Its fronds and pieces about you are scattered far and wide. It tarries not after you; it follows you swiftly whether you may go in pursuit of the aforesaid, aforementioned virtues. For it is, and always will, remain in virtuous thought and mind. It spreads its innocence and gives itself to forward-looking in spite of bad company it may meet. It is contagious, and of such a nature that the very air we breathe contains its value and virtue.

If not in a little while you shall understand the nature of full containment of innocence, its value, that it may permeate all that you say and do. It is not for the possibility of change in the nature of this world I have spoken for innocence; it is for the nature of mankind, I have suggested that, regardless of your mistakes, it remains and is reborn still yet, again and again.

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