Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Consolation is that innocence is never completely lost. Indeed though you may fear it has long gone in your own life, for in many ways your knowledge has tempered it and challenged it, so therefore you must know, and believe that, this innocence will be spared and shared throughout in another time frame, one of your own outworking, of your own making.

I speak of innocence this session because it is a component, and part of the framework for joy, for finding joy and maintaining joy. It is tempered of sorts in your nature to undo everything as readily as you toil to make things substantiate and qualify in your existence. For you are meting out your joy, your innocence round about and at the same time tearing it down when frustration strikes. And this plane is filled with frustrations, dukkha, suffering, as you already are aware. The mind manufactures them as astutely as it observes them.

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