Monday, October 5, 2015


Innocence   begins  in trade,  and   fair  trade,  with  recognition  of  fact in  circumstance  and circumstance in fact. In one and without the other, you see, is more of the same in its intent. For to be innocent, one must find in him or herself the nature of vowing forward, ablating forward, moving oneself in such a way unknowingly and unwittingly forward without aforementioned knowledge of fact.

Though it sounds like a movement of stumbling forward in one's ignorance, it is not.

t shines forward all that is and will be in one sentence. It is of foremost integrity and aforementioned knowledge wrapped into one action. Children, on the outset of their lives, before they are tempered and distempered by the adults surrounding them, their caregivers, and such, children do this with utmost prudence, this making of innocence. And so also, younger animals, while they still engage in play as prey, or play at war.

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