Wednesday, October 14, 2015


If the shape shifter is of one accord with himself, for himself, by himself, and with others, he recognizes that he is no more or no less in synchronicity with one and all. He simply changes at will, it seems—but in reality he makes his bed as carefully as the next one. In this process, his mind is of one accord with his God, however he may perceive Him to be, for he has found his peace and trust with All That Is, that the events in his day are happening, all for good reason, which lends him more so to trust in this process. 

He releases a figment of his mind to the imaginary process of being another first, and being elsewhere first. He goes there first in mind, in thought, endearing the process, loving it, placing it in highest regard, that this is what he entirely wills and wants at this moment, not preparing or thinking or fretting about the next [moment]. It is for him in this moment, and that is all he concentrates upon. 

The next step is one of wishing well upon himself and others, and this is what it simply is. As a well-wisher, he takes and partakes of All That Is, because he intends only good to rise from what he wills. He does not confuse good with prosperity, abundance, or advantage one over the other. In his good, he makes a sequence of events forward that pass through mankind like a shadow, for the good of God, and he does not define the good so precisely as some of your religious texts do. He wills that the good of God bless the process; nothing less, and nothing more. 

In this, he asks for the truth to come forward in its essence that always was, and guard the process. The final step, and only step, that we observe in the process, is the shape shift itself. In this transmigration of thought and matter, we remember that it first began, and ends, with thought. It is a hallowed reminder that we all change, regardless. However static our time here may seem, it is constantly shifting before our eyes, whether we notice or not. 

And so the lines of energy, as you have observed, are ones the shifter rides into another existence of form. To harness those lines of energy is to make the shift. They must surround you and lift you up, move you about, and carry you into this form. They will capitulate [from one form to another] in their shift if you allow them to do so. And that is it, my friend, and always, to simply allow these things to be.

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