Sunday, October 11, 2015


If this sounds too Biblical, then let it stand. For there are factors of greatness in all of you, and in this greatness, you reach God, period. But in time frames, you are limited, and it is only those who, those rare few who, come into touch with the unlimited within their limits. This factor, this reality, is available throughout, but the pulls of the ego, the protective devices of the corporeal self are strong. Therefore, so few of you come down from the maximal need of self while walking this plane.

I would like to garner a few of you for a mass ceremony. For that, it is unnecessary to complete oneself in essence, to be limitless as you in reality are. You are still in parts, and these parts are holistic representations of the whole. By meeting together you send out the holographic signals necessary to make versors, or carriers, of the continuum. It is an ancient lot and understanding, that in groups we make more powerful animations and associations for survival, and for rearrangements. So we together have the continuum to rearrange ourselves in any fashion with any gifts in groups, of one mind and one accord.

Power is also found in isolation. It is of a nature in absence of interruption or rearrangement. It is more focus on initial or initiation programs reachable by intent longing and awaiting. Thus the miracles powered by the saints. In their prayers of isolation, these many gifts transmuted and represented themselves.

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