Friday, October 16, 2015


In a substrate, in matter, is a conundrum of ideas and replicates that are very difficult to comprehend. But when I say that matter replicates itself, the meaning thereof is as stated clearly. Matter seeks its like and like again, and replicates what it desires to be. You, in a sense are the perfect replicator, your body, and how it functions to repair and assist itself daily. In this replication thereof, you see, are many handholds of knowledge functioning at once, and we will address them one by one.


In replication, one seeks supplication. What I am saying is, the replicator must supplicate him or herself to that which he or she would desire to have or be. Supplication is not just a word choice of sound, but of function. Go look it up, if you must. But the choice is in the asking, and the asking of the choice. We choose to ask as we ask to choose, and that we do each day of our lives. 

We rest when we supplicate, for we wait for an answer thereof. And so, in this restful state, this first state of being to replicate, becoming to replicate, we exist in a state of pure rest, without necessarily always feeling it so. The body cries out for more—always more. And yet, within its tissues, there is coding for this rest, for us to find. If we tend the ego, and by that, I mean that we intend the ego to stand down for this period of rest, then we have passed the first step successfully. 

However, if the ego, in its overriding desire for more, should extend out in fear that we will not have what we desire for the body, then the replication process is divided between what is imperative and what is functional. The body must replicate, or it shall die. The soul need not replicate to live. The counterattack of the ego is thus: the soul shall not live apart from the body. It must go away, and where it goes, we cannot be certain. But that is its counterattack, and not truth. 

In truth, the body may successfully replicate each time it asks, and waits unafraid, for this process to begin. And it extends of itself to itself what it needs, desires, and wants for, without the ego’s assistance. And so, when you mention the ego, when you think upon it, remember that at its heart entails the need to want, and to want again. 

For in the nature of replication there is no want. Only abundance, and life abundant. And it is ours to have and use as we will. It is ours to preserve the soul’s function within the body as long as we shall live (in this plane). Replication is a matter you should concern yourselves with, because it is the first step in this joint venture with the soul’s bearer, namely, God.

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