Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Mercies

Symptoms of pain require honor in their realm for observance of their sequence in mercy. For mercy we ask not on the arrival of pain; we are altogether touched and torn by pain's presence.

And yet, for its presence and in its presence, the tender mercies of God prevail always. For pain is a symptom only of deeper realms of their own kind. Pain is never paramount, never permanent. Pain is a transition from kind to kind. 

Hopelessness in pain thwarts mercy.

Mercy is of a kind both known and unknown in its completeness. The tender mercies fulfill what we do not see. The tender mercies carry us to realms yet unknown. The tender mercies fulfill all ever hoped or dreamt. 

They wait for us in pardon for our sorrows. They are ours and God's in store for all time and forevermore.

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