Friday, October 2, 2015


And so, in your defensive posture, all that which you find for yourself to fear, remember it is not with you in the way you make it out to be. It is never with you in the way you make it out to be. It is chainmail, my friend, and thus and always only so—this defensive posture which you take will provide and only further other defenses, until you are swallowed whole by all that you fear. It remains you may find that, if you had come forward with the defense before yourself, and recognized it as such, then the remains of all that terrified and fortified this defensive posture would seek elsewhere for its strength, namely, in a never ending life game, if you will. So in essence, Christ was saying, “Each day has its defense.” And so it goes.

You will complicate matters by posturing games of defense, and you will never find such peace that you seek, nor can you hail yourself able to stand apart from the ego, and all that it entails. Watch for certain areas of subtle posturing defenses [defense mechanisms] in yourself and others, for within these are yours and their keys to the kingdom, my friend. To become aware is to be made free of all defenses, moment by moment. Therefore find in each moment a place for non-defensiveness, and yours is the kingdom of God.

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