Thursday, October 15, 2015


So, we resume. And in it, we carry forward all that we have perchance given among ourselves to this date. And we mark the time passing with an intent greater than ourselves. Forward we march on, in time, for without time, we carry a sense and sensibility that we are not heretofore within.

So I garner this time for you, as you have for me, to speak of things greater than ourselves. Always greater, never lesser, we strive for it, it seems our common cause. Yet in the lesser we so very often find the greater. Therefore, we cannot assume that it is only predetermined factors in life that will make our existence worthwhile. Indeed, it is not merely the predetermination, the fore ordination, as it were, but the meting out of all things in all, as you will come to understand it at last. 

There is an all in all, fast past most given comprehension at this date, for all of you, but fast approaching your kingdom come. For you see, it is truly a set of norms outside yourselves, the normality of fusion and cohesion you do not understand as of yet. It is a coming comprehension, then understanding, as your acceptance grows in these things. 

But for now, we have a limited vision, a mirror darkened, as it were, that we are not complete, not whole, not ready for what we think we should be ready for. There is lack of, and lacking, and a sentient hatred for our incapability so strong that, we have assumed that we are no longer part of God, no longer living on His plane, no longer returning to Him. 

Heretofore we have carried this belief system in so many ways. We call it hell. We name it with our fears, our injustices, our tragedies, our harm. We live life in this harmed state, or so we believe that we encounter, day by day.

But I say to you, we are the encountered. We do not encounter, as it seems to us. For us to exist in any form or frame, we have been, and are still being, the encountered. So your explorations into alien technology have this correct. For we have, and have been, encountered far more than we would acknowledge. 

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