Monday, October 19, 2015


When there was one, there were many. In truth, as you will it to be, the truth stands ever presenting its reality forth toward what you will it to be. This willing and wanting of circumstances and results is only a natural outpouring of all you seem to be and will be, for nature in itself cannot purge forth any unique existences from itself without a procuring of faith, and indelible faith, to begin. 

What is required and will transpire in truth is all but your own doing in every mind, see it as so, not each, but every. Every mind is a state altogether foreign to each. Within each mind is a regarding forth of only me, or single sight. Within every mind is a collective unity of thought, presence, and procurement of all things in its wake, in its priority, in its necessity. Every mind is all unified forward-striking in its effect as well as its cause. 

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