Sunday, October 4, 2015


The joy  in the  finding  thereof  is  the  finding, not  the joy. So  difficult  a  measure for  one  to comprehend, and yet, in the other sense, it is impeccable in its receiving thereof. For in joy, in time, the joy that you find wrapped in time frames as in this earth, this joy is transmuted out of another joy, the one that has existed long before time was made.

For your see, there was time before time, as it is not understood by you now, ticking away the seconds and hours and days and years and millenniums. Before this clock time, before this psychological time, we were in a time immortal in its ways, in its findings, in its essence.

And from this time, which was simply a framework device for receiving and giving, was a translation and transmutation of yourselves on a “daily” basis, or in a routine framework outside of what you now understand as routine.

So joy, as you receive it now, is wrapped in many layers of thought, expectation, adaptation, and so on. It finds itself in the creases of your lives. Sometimes these creases are very tiny, fast pushed out by the terrors of living itself.

And so joy, in your framework in the here and now, as it is passing by you in this time frame we call existence, earthbound existence, in the year of our Lord, you fill in the date, is a joy that in yesteryear you did not experience as the same, the joy you laugh out loud for now is not the same laughter you experienced as a baby, you see.

For in the yesteryear when say, you were a youth, the joy was meted out by the knowledge and concerns of youth, meted out and about.

And in the joys of an eighty year old, it is meted out and about the thoughts and desires and wishes of the mind and body for that framework.

I am pointing to joy in its essence of tide, of time, and how time plants frameworks around it while you walk this plane.

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