Wednesday, October 21, 2015


In awakening from the past to the present, a soul must traverse his expanse of being, in a contingent understanding of all he has been and will be. For they are one in the same, but the outplaying hereof appears in essence to take place over one moment after the other. This is nothing new.

You have discovered and hold this true to yourself, when you have examined the possibilities and probabilities of parallel realities, transverse universes, and so on. And so for me to say that, in essence, you are one with All forms an incorrect perception before your eyes. And in that perception, you perceive that, in order to be or become one with All in all, you must adhere to that which your brother or sister has become within themselves.

This falls hardly true, in that the brother or sister may not adhere to the One, or even the idea of oneness, and therefore, in their separated and believe-to-be separated state, they act. And therefore, you see, in this plane, you do not see the completion of the outworking of oneness and the feeling of All in all.

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